CoolWind - Memories of a Voyage Never Done

The next June, 8th the second music album of CoolWind, titled "Memories of a Voyage Never Done", will be released. It's the first work published by the artist after the change of record company to Animamusic, S.L. but under the same label- Neuronium Records.

The CD has 12 songs full of new melodies that take the listener through Chill Out to an impossible voyage, full of sound landscapes where the electronic music is the base.

Soon the album will also be available in online shops like iTunes.


First book written by CoolWind realeased: "The Agate Stone"

One of the less known interests of Marc Lobato (aka CoolWind) is the writing. It isn't strange because he had nothing published... until now.

The first book he achieved to publish is titled "La Piedra Ágata" (The Agate Stone), a fiction novel with touches of action, science fiction, philosophy, religion... and a lot of mystery in an amazing plot.

At the moment the only way to get the printed version of the book in Spanish (English version not ready yet) is via Internet, through Lulu editorial.


Neuronium Records catalog available on iTunes

Since some weeks ago, all musical catalog of Neuronium Records is available at the most popular online music store: iTunes. The price of each song is 0,99$, whole album at 9,99$. Due an error in the insertion of data, the artistic name CoolWind has been transcribed as “Cool Wind”; that can make difficult to find my music in certain cases. Luckyly, the name of the album, Sound Exploration, is written correctly.

Note: the 2nd CoolWind album is waiting to be published.


Put your voice in next CoolWind's album

CoolWind gives you the chance to put your voice in one of the new tracks of his second album. The contest is open to everyone and worldwide. The only requested is to record yourself saying (at least) "Finally, You've returned". From all recieved samples one will be chosen which will be used in next CoolWind's album. The owner of that sample will be rewared with a copy of the new CD and his/her name will be included in the credits of the album.

To enter send your vocal sample, in any audio format (WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC, etc.) to the mail address shown below before February, 5th 2006.

Update: the contest had no winner.


"Sound Exploration" available at Mu4Us

A new music downloads website has been born: Mu4Us. The album catalog includes "Sound Exploration", the first CD of CoolWind. The novelty is that now is possible to buy only the songs you wish (by paying through SMS messages) or all the album purchasing a subscription. The new website, at this time still in beta stage, will provide other services like biographies and news of the selected artists in each style included in the collection.

[ CoolWind at Mu4Us ] [ Sound Exploration on CD ]


CoolWind's Music in Compilations

Two songs from the album "Sound Exploration" have been included in two compilations of ambient/chill-out music.

Casa Alexio - Ibiza Dreams vol. 1 includes the track "Entropia". Other songs featured in that CD are "Mano" by La Crem and "The Colours" by The Lab, real anthems and must-have tracks in the world of relaxing music.

Maspalomas Chill-out - Pasión Tropical will be published this month and will feature the song "Well Of Hope". Both compilations will be published by Neuronium Records/Blanco y Negro.

[ Casa Alexio - Ibiza Dreams ] [ Maspalomas Chill-out ]

"Sound Exploration" in other countries

UK, Holland, Greece... are some european countries where Sound Exploration has been already published. Neuronium Records takes care to make available the CD everywhere. Later, on this 2004, the album will be out in the United States and Japan.

[ Sound Exploration ] [ Buy It ]


"Sound Exploration" Released

This week has been released in the Spanish shops the first CoolWind's album, titled Sound Exploration. The CD has 14 tracks of ambient, electronic and chill out music. The covers design has been done by Michel Huygen, the founder of the label Neuronium Records.

[ Sound Exploration ] [ Buy It ]


CoolWind signed with Neuronium Records

Today CoolWind has signed a contract with Neuronium Records to publish his first album, called Sound Exploration. The contract with the company allows them to publish the album around the world.

Neuronium Records is the company created by Michel Huygen, artist who has more than 30 albums published. He experiments with sounds to create ambient melodies that take the listener to other reality dimension.

The release date of the CoolWind's album will be announced soon here and in the official website of Neuronium Records.

[ Neuronium Records ]




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