Memories of a Voyage Never Done
Neuronium Records / Animamusic S.L.
CoolWind - Sound Exploration (frontal)

Second album by CoolWind published commercially. 12 songs relating impossible steps of an imaginary voyage through Chill Out music. More melodic and harmonious than Sound Exploration without losing any of its electronic character.

The album has been creaetd using only software like Propellerhead Reason, Mackie Tracktion and Adobe Audition.

Artwork: CoolWind
Photography: Alex Solich

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Sound Exploration
Neuronium Records
CoolWind - Sound Exploration (Front)

CoolWind's first album published commercially. It has 14 songs that describe sonorous landscapes where the listener is taken through the music.

The album has been created using only software like Propellerhead Reason and Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro.

Artwork: Michel Huygen (Neuronium)

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Night People
Electric Remix by CoolWind

The Remixes vinyl of the successful song "Night People" by "The Cat & Mr Cool". The record features four remixes of the winners brought by SwingFlaix contest on FlaixFM in July 2002.

Artwork : Marçal Prats

Published on November 2002


Big Mix 2K+1

Big Mix 2K+1 is the last sequel of the non-stop mixing sessions by CoolWind. 70 songs in 70 minutes, using the best hits published between 2000 and 2001.

BM2K+1 is the consolitation of the idea of this series : perfect harmonic fusions between songs of dance music.

Artwork : Manel Ortiz

(not published commercially)


Big Mix 1999

BigMix 1999 was the final step (for CW) to sessions on CD, mixing more than 60 songs in about an hour. There are very curious mixes, like "Get Down" of Avant Garde with "The Violin".

This Big Mix is the first real attempt to fusion musical harmonies between songs apparently differents.

(not published commercially)




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