CoolWind is the nickname that Marc LP uses to present his musical works. He began to be interested in the composition in 1993, when in his life crossed a software to create songs using small samples. At that time, the possibilities of trackers (name given to that kind of programs) were very limited, but that did not prevent him to learn some music basics completely in a self-taught way.

In January, 2000 Marc LP presented his facet of radio DJ next to Manel Ortiz (a friend DJ, who also composed music with trackers) in a radio show called Get Ready!, weekly on RVRadio (a local broadcasting station) during two years and a half.

CoolWind also investigated how to mix songs in a session, not as a live-DJ but as a studio-DJ. One of his more important references, although never published commercially, is the BigMix series, which, in its last edition gets to mix 70 songs in 70 minutes obtaining almost perfect fusions of harmonies between songs completely different.

CW's life changed when he knew the Chill Out music a few years ago, which fascinated him totally. With all he learned himself (and also thanks to new friends like Ivan Torrent, producer and graphical designer in RVR ) with new composing tools like Reason, he started to go deeper in the creation of songs in that musical style.

At late 2003 Neuronium Records was interested in the artist's music and quickly they signed a contract with CoolWind to publish globally his first album, Sound Exploration.

CoolWind in Internet

The presence of CoolWind in Internet was very small at first. At the beginning of 2001 some of his songs could be listened at or vitaminic. Months later, and after a period of learning, he inaugurated what would be his second web (the first was CoolWind's Linkin' Website), esD'ni , dedicated to one of the best selling videogame of all the times: Myst.

A year later, in September 2002, Marc LP started a Web of emotional aid called Ayúdate, with most of the PHP programming done by himself. And finally, in November of the same year, and after being one of the winners of SwingFlaix contest in FlaixFM , CW launched what would be the site of reference of all the related to thit artist: CoolWind's WebSite.


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