Birthday present: Around the Fire, Near the Sea

To celebrate the first anniversary of this website, CoolWind has made available to download, in exclusive, one of his latest songs (not included in his new album).

Around the Fire, Near the Sea is a mixture of music styles and instruments like guitars, harmonicas, etc. with the modern sounds from synths and a strong rhythm base. Enjoy It!

[ Around the Fire, Near the Sea ]

Download of Big Mix 2K+1 available!

The most famous session of mixes done by CoolWind, Big Mix, is available to be download from the website of Mr. Frisk, called Productores Jamaicanos. In that web you'll find a list of good house sessions mixed in-live, and all can be downloaded to listen where and when you want.

Big Mix 2K+1 has 70 mixed songs in only 70 minutes, creating impossible fussions at first sight, like the "Adagio For Strings" by William Orbit with "I Turn To You" of Mel-C or Anastacia with the"Sex Bomb" ofTom Jones.

Biography published at DeeJay Magazine

In the december edition of the Spanish Dance Magazine DeeJay is published a CoolWind's biography with the three other winners of the Night People Remixes contest. Some photos taken at Flaix FM studios are also included with the biographies.

"Night People" Remixes On Shops

Finally has been published the "Night People Remixes" vinyl. The record has 4 tracks, corresponding to the four winners of the contest convoked by the radio show SwingFlaix. For the moment, the vinyl is only available in Spain through Tanga Records.

Interview at Flaix FM

The night of October 1st will remain in CoolWind's memory as the first official & public interview ever done to him. It was done in the radio show SwingFlaix, led by Xavi Jaso and the internationally known DJ & Producer David Gausa.

The reason of the interview was to meet the winners of the remixes contest of the song "Night People" by "The Cat & Mr Cool feat Linda John Pierre" they had organized months before. There were 4 winners-Marçal Prats, David Bonàs, Jesús Estévez and Marc Lobato. Each remix was completely different from the others, being the one by CW, "the most musical", by words of David Gausa.

The interview can be listened online at FlaixFM.





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