11/05/2015 16:42:45
Hola CoolWind. Me puse nostálgico y quise meterme a esd'ni, pero el enlace me lleva a una pagina de publicidad. ¿Le ha pasado algo al sitio?

Espero que te esté yendo bien.
29/07/2010 16:32:01
Com t'ho curres.....m'has de trucar!
22/06/2009 02:54:45
dear marc,

on youre latest album memories of a voyage never done you have a calming, soothing track called the sacred island of invisible monks.
these kind of tracks i use during my treatmnets to calm my client and to open them up for the healing energy.
i use different treatments at the same time relaxsation massage with a kind of reiki thats healing with youre hands.
or foot reflex therapy with reiki and or toe reading its about the same as reading someones palm you can read whats going on in thier live with their relationschip, thier career, health, persenal goals but also the boundries they create that prevents them from further development.

i know a little aboud budissm and about what stages a monk passes to develop enlighment.
you start with lonyliness when you just starting this becomes oneness and at the last stage it becomes noneness then you are not attatched to worldly things like money or status.
this monk becomes invisible he goes up in everything thats living and feeling.
its a bit simelar as the titele of the track i mentioned.

if you want to create or compose more suth a tracks please let me know.

how can i get hold of a copy of youre latest album thier not widely avaleble in the netherlans i bought sound exploration in barcelona a great place to spend a holiday, nice people very friendly and open for many things very creative and expressive.

compliments for youre great music.

i wish you muth inspiration, love, happyness, peace of mind and good health.


with a clear mind and an open heart everthing is possible
23/03/2009 02:48:44
Marc m'ha encantat el teu CD, aquí estic escoltan a la feina i relaxant-me amb ella. Moltes Gràcies!!!
Ens veiem!!!
12/03/2009 16:07:00
Very nice site!
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